Export only new&updated records of a table using entity in Dynamics 365 for operation

Hi All,

My today post is about how to export records from table , which are newly created or updated into file using data entity in AX 7/ Dynamics 365 for operation.

First we need to enable Change Tracking feature for the particular entity from data entity list form from Data management work space.

image 1

Enable primary table option is used to enable change tracking feature only for the primary data source of the entity.

Enable entire entity option used to make both primary & secondary data source are change tracking.

I am enabling entire entity option for customer groups entity and close the form.

Now go to Data management work space  and click Export tile to create new data project of type export.

The second important point is to select incremental push only as default refresh type.

image 2

Click add entity to add the entity to project, then click export button. it will export all records , then click download button to export all records from customer group table.

image 6

image 3

image 5

Now i have added a new customer group named Test and modified customer group 10 .

image 8

Go to Data management work space and Run the same data project and click export button, it will process only the record which are insert & updated.  then click download button.

image 4

image 7

We can set this data project as recurrence data project to export the data in specific intervals time and download the files from job history which are updated or newly created.


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